Off The Shelf / One Store

Our assignment was to go to a store (any store) and buy supplies to make something (anything) using at least 5 parts with SKUs. There were a couple other rules like not cutting or breaking any piece and only taking things apart by disassembly.

I went to Ikea and came home with this:


I was mostly looking for parts that were inexpensive so I could buy a lot of them. Almost any object can become beautiful and geometric if you make it into a large enough group.

So I made a mid-century modern inspired clock.


I bought and took apart a very boring clock to use the mechanism. The larger piece behind is created from 16 plastic shelf brackets that were 50 cents each.

I attached them together by threading them onto a couple zip ties. I stuck an anchor onto the back of the clock mechanism and used another zip tie. This piece is then pulled through the middle of the brackets and used to hang on a nail.

I love how this came out. I really like the geometry that is created by the shelves resting on each other. If I were to keep it on the wall, I think I’d paint it a nice yellow. The total cost was about 10 dollars.






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