Spacebrew Constellations

For our second assignment, we needed to port an existing project over to using spacebrew. Last semester in ICM, I made a hand-tracking app that you could use to draw constellations. It was a bit hacked together using oscP5 to send the kinect data to the rendering sketch. So I hooked them together using spacebrew instead. It worked well, and was fairly quick to set up and get working… except for my errors in publishing the data. It was good practice in debugging, however, when there isn’t complete documentation and google doesn’t help. Found the bug, squashed it, and the result was beautiful.

spacebrew constellations from brett peterson on Vimeo.

First 2d drawing in Vectorworks

In my Design for Digital Fabrication class we’re starting out with 2d vector drawings. I’ve used Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape for vector drawings in the past, but I’m new to Vectorworks. I’ve already found some very useful functions missing in other programs like the ability to auto-measure and label parts. So nice!

We were asked to create a 2d drawing of an existing object. My parents are restoring an old card catalog that has plastic handles. about 1/3 of them are broken, but they haven’t found a supplier for them yet. I’m going to try to 3d print it. But first, a 2d drawing.

handle_2d <- pdf link

I’m not sure I represented to curve properly, as you can see in the photo below. (Note: This image is not the actual handle, but it’s very similar if not the same)